Public Records Request

Nevada Public Records Act (NRS 239) and Compliance Procedure for the Nevada Transportation Authority

The Nevada Transportation Authority is committed to providing access to public records in accordance with Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 239.  All public records, the contents of which are not otherwise declared by law to be confidential, shall be open for inspection or to obtain copies.

    Submitting Public Records Request Form Electronically or in Written Format

    Select the request form below and complete all required form fields:

    For written form submission

    • Print the completed request form
    • Sign and Date the request form
    • Mail or hand deliver the completed request form to either of our office locations

    • 3300 W. Sahara Ave, Ste 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102
    • 1755 E. Plumb Lane, Ste 229, Reno, NV 89502

      • Or you may email or fax to the following:

      • Email Address:
      • Fax Number: (702) 486-2590

        For electronic submission

        • Upon completion of the form enter your first and last name in the signature field, today’s date in the date field, check the signature box to confirm your signature.
        • Print a copy of your request, from the web browser, for your record and then click the Submit button to submit your request.

        Public Records Request Fee Schedule

        Fees for public records request will be charged in accordance with the fees listed below and Extraordinary Use Fee, if applicable. Fees include costs such as, photocopying, photographic reproduction, electronic or other media, and postage. If the costs for producing records are estimated to be more than $25.00, records will not be produced until payment is received by the Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA). When costs exceed $25.00, the requestor will be notified in writing and required to remit full payment prior to the release of record(s) requested. Materials will be held for 30 days.

          Copying Fees:

          • Black and white copies, up to 8.5" x 14"..........$0.25/per page
          • Color, up to 8.5" x 14"......................................$0.50/per page
          • Compact Disc...................................................$5/per disc
          • Certified copies................................................$2.50/per document
          • A deposit for copying fees may be required


          • All shipping will be sent by USPS standard mail unless alternative methods are requested. The requester is responsible for postage fees.


          • Payments can be made by cash (exact change preferred), credit or debit card, check or money order payable to the “Nevada Transportation Authority or NTA.”

          Guidelines for Submitting a Public Records Request

          These guidelines, procedures, and request form pertain only to the Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA) and the information for which the NTA has legal custody and control. If you seek information from another agency, please direct your request to that specific agency's public information office.


            It is preferred that your request is submitted via the Public Request Form link available on this webpage.

              However, you may e-mail, fax, or mail a written request to our Administration Section to ensure coordination of the records search and response is facilitated by the appropriate staff.  Handwritten requests must be legible.

                • E-mail and Fax submittals must reference "Public Records Request" in the subject line.

                Be specific in your request by including dates, docket, citation, and/or permit number of records. Try to define the type of content to narrow the scope as much as possible.

                  Clarification may be necessary to appropriately search for records relevant to your needs.

                    Required contact information, as indicated on the Request Form, includes requestor's name, mailing address, and phone number. E-mail address is optional but preferred.

                      Pursuant to NRS 239.0107(1)(c) within five (5) business days of receiving a request for public record, the NTA will:

                      • Allow the requestor to inspect or obtain a copy of the record, or
                      • Respond to the requestor that the NTA does not possess the information and provide the name and address of the entity that does, if known, or
                      • Respond to the requestor that the information is confidential and cite the statute or other legal authority to deny the request.
                      • Notify the requestor that due to records accessibility, staff availability, and legal constraints; the NTA may need additional time to locate and produce some records.

                      Fees will be charged in accordance with the fee schedule.

                        Certain data and reports maintained by the NTA are available on its website for public viewing and/or downloading.  Please search our website before submitting a formal records request.