Tariffs & Certificates - U

The table below contains only information pertaining to company's with corporate names beginning with 'U'

-- U --

Corporate Name DBA CPCN /Permit Tariff
U.S.A. Towing, Inc.   7273.3 7273.3 Tariff
U.S. Party Bus, LLC U.S. Party Bus 2218 2218
Umbrella Enterprises, LLC Umbrella Movers 3364 3364 Tariff
United Moving Solutions, Inc United Moving Solutions 3371 3371 Tariff
United Party Bus, LLC      United Party Bus 2345 2345 Tariff
Universal Limousine Services, LLC ULS 1132 1132 Tariff
Up In The Attic, LLC #1 Wolfpack Towing and Recovery 7448 7448 Tariff
Upscale Limousines, LLC Upscale Party Bus 2259 2259 Tariff
UZURV Holdings, Inc. UZURV TNC 0006 Not Applicable