Tariffs & Certificates - V

The table below contains only information pertaining to company's with corporate names beginning with 'V'

-- V --

Corporate Name DBA CPCN /Permit Tariff
V Transportation, LLC Vegas Transportation 2142.2 2142.2 Tariff
Valencia's Towing, LLC   7213 7213 Tariff
VBNZ Limo, LLC  

Temporary Discontinuance until 04/20/2021 

2225 Tariff
VC Tours, LLC      Virginia City Tours 2271 2271 Tariff
Vegas Black Car, LLC VBC
Temporary Discontinuance until 

2256 Tariff

Vegas Heavy Haul, Inc. Big Valley Towing 7238.2 7238.2 Tariff
Vegas Strip Partybus, LLC Vegas Strip Partybus 2270 2270 Tariff
Vegas Strip Transportation, LLC Vegas Strip Transportation Temporary Discontinuance - COVID-19 2143 Tariff
Vegas Valley Towing, LLC   Temporary Discontinuance - COVID-19 7192 Tariff
Vegas VIP Limousine, LLC Vegas VIP Limousine 1109.1 1109.1 Tariff
Vegas VIP Transportation, LLC Vegas VIP Transportation  2157.1 2157.1 Tariff
Vegas VIP Transportation, LLC Vegas VIP Limousine 1095.1 1095.1 Tariff
Victory Towing, LLC   7398.1 7398.1 Tariff
VIP Express Transportation, LLC VIP Express Transportation 6158 Not Applicable
VIP Transportation of Nevada, LLC   Temporary Discontinuance - COVID-19  2154 Tariff
VIP Vegas Limousines, LLC All Time Limo 1124.2 1124.2 Tariff