Tariffs & Certificates - P

The table below contains only information pertaining to company's with corporate names beginning with 'P'

-- P --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit   Tariff 
Pacific Towing Service, LLC Pacific Towing Service 7237.1  7237.1 Tariff
Party Bus Las Vegas, LLC Party Bus Las Vegas 2296 2296 Tariff
  Pars Towing Company, LLC   Pars Towing Company 7576 7576 Tariff
Paul M. Sprada AA Buffalo One Towing 7185.1 7185.1 Tariff
PCCU, Inc. Patricks Construction Clean Up 7292.2 7292.2 Tariff
Perlman Enterprises, LLC Reno Tahoe Limousine 1101.3 1101.3 Tariff
Perlman Enterprises, LLC Reno Tahoe Transportation 2134.1 2134.1 Tariff
Personal Sedan Service, LLC PSS 1080.2 1080.2 Tariff 
Peru Towing, LLC   7537 7537 Tariff
Phenomenal Towing, LLC Phenomenal Towing 7371 7371 Tariff
Phoenix Movers, LLC      Carneys Full Service Movers 3258.6  3258.6 Tariff  
Pink Jeep Tours Nevada, Inc   1078.3 1078.3 Tariff  
Pitbull Towing, LLC Pitbull Towing 7438 7438 Tariff
Planell Towing Corporation   7362 7362 Tariff
Platinum LV Transportation, a Series of Platinum LV Transportation, LLC Platinum LV Transportation Temporary Discontinuance Until 02/04/2022 2166.1 Tariff
Pluto Party Bus, LLC Pluto Party Bus 2295 2295 Tariff
POP-UP Rideshare, Inc POP-UP Rideshare, POP-UP Rides Temporary Discontinuance until further notice      Temporary Discontinuance until further notice
Powers LLC The Best Elvis in Las Vegas 1133 1133 Tariff
Premier Transportation, LLC VIP Party Bus 2288.1  2288.1 Tariff 
Prestige Transportation, LLC Prestige Transportation 2211 2211 Tariff
Priority Towing, LLC   7388 7388 Tariff
ProTour and Travel Services, LLC   2244 2244 Tariff