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 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
B & B Garner, Inc.   Atlas Towing and Recovery 7193.1 View
B & E, Inc.  SNAP Towing 7042.2 View
B & B Towing, LLC   7287 View 
Badly Scattered Land and Cattle Co. Medic Coach Service 2413.3 View
Barry E. Jones Carson Valley Movers 3066.2 View
Battleborn Restoration, LLC   3183.2 View
Baumbach Enterprises, LLC Milne Towing Services 8003.6 View
BB Express, LLC   (2241)
Temporary Discontinuance
until 2/22/20
Temporary Discontinuance
until 2/22/20
Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc. National Moving & Storage 3244 View
Bell Limo, a Series of Platinum LV Transportation, LLC Bell Limo 1217.3 View
Bell Trans, A Nevada Corporation Bell Trans

Bell Limousine
1023.2 Charter Limousine / Special Service

Airport Transfer

Charter Limousine   
Ben, LLC Luxurious 2213 View
Bentley Transportaton Services, LLC Executive Coach and Carriage, Executive Limousine 1072.2 View
Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc.   3156.2 View 
Black Wolf Moving Nevada, LLC Two Men and a Truck 3343.1 View
BLS Limousine Service of Las Vegas, Inc.   1070.2 View
Bosch Motors Towing, Inc.   7055.1 View
Bour Enterprises, LLC Stardust Transportation 1017.5 View
Busco, Inc. Arrow Stage Lines 2107 View