Tariffs & Certificates - M

The table below contains only information pertaining to company's with corporate names beginning with 'M'

-- M --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
M Transportation   Temporary Discontinuance - COVID-19 2196 Tariff 
Madden Transportation, LLC   Temporary Discontinuance - COVID-19 2205 Tariff
Mai Niv Enterprises, Inc. ABC Towing, South West Auto Towing, Tow Guys, Kings Towing 7242.3 7242.3 Tariff
Mammoth Limousine, a Series of Platinum LV Transportation, LLC Mammoth Limousine, Metro Cars Temporary Discontinuance - COVID-19  1105 Tariff
Maracas LLC El Maracas Towing 7382 7382 Tariff
Marin Bochis Northshore Towing 7314 7314 Tariff
Martha O. Hernandez Down on the Corner Towing 7345 7345 Tariff
Master Towing, Inc   7349  7349 Tariff
Medical Transport Co., LLC    1112.2 1112.2 Tariff
Medlife Transportation, LLC Medlife Transportation 1126.1 1126.1 Tariff 
Mega Express, Inc.   Temporary Discontinuance - COVID-19 2245 Tariff
Mesquite Towing Company, LLC Mesquite Towing Company 7233 7233 Tariff
Metropolitan Towing Company, LLC Western States Towing 7357.1 7357.1 Tariff
Michael C. Costello Reno Tow & Transport 7315  7315 Tariff
Minden Taxi, LTD.   1067 1067 Tariff
MNM, LLC FT, Fabulous, Fabulous Transport, Fabulous Transportation, Fabulous Transportations 2224.1 2224.1 Tariff
Mojave Motors, Inc. Southwest Towing 7223 7223 Tariff
Mort's Auto Body, Inc.   7138.2 7138.2 Tariff
Motodudes, Inc. Red Rock Magical Mystery Tour, Magical Mystery Tours, The Desert Duck, Red Rock Scooter Tours, Red Rock Discovery Tours Temporary Discontinuance - COVID-19 1137 Tariff
Move 4 Less, LLC Move 4 Less, MoveU4Less.com, Select Flat Rate Moving 3344.6  3344.6 Tariff
My Auto Service, LLC My Auto Service 7295 6154.1 Tariff
My Ride To Work, LLC My Ride To Work 6154.1 N/A