Tariffs & Certificates

Note:  This list is sorted by the company's corporate name.

-- Numbers --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
1st Response Towing, Inc.   7304.1    View  
 1st Response Towing, Inc.  The Tow Truck Company 7136.4 View
 1 Touch Towing, LLC   7307 View
 24/7 Entertainment LLC  24/7 Entertainment Limousines 1102 View 
24/7 Entertainment LLC  24/7 Entertainment Limousines  2073.1 View
24/7 Limousines LTD  24/7 Limousines  1039.4 View
24/7 Limousines LTD 24/7 Limousines 1065.3 View
24/7 Towing, Inc.  24-7 Towing 7119.2 View
777 De La Fuente Towing Corporation      7354 View
777 Towing, Inc. 777 Towing 7327 View

-- A --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
A & A Towing Inc   7209.1 View
A & G Towing and Storage, Inc.   7169.1 View
A & K Towing and Recovery, Inc.   7300.1 View
 A & R Delivery Service, LLC   3359 View
 A A Action Towing Inc   3336.1 View
A and L Mobile Repair and Towing LLC   7395 View
A Blue Sky Towing & Transportation, LLC   7367 View
A Serra Towing, LLC   7408 View
 AAAA Two Star Towing Inc AAAA Two Star Towing  7123.1 View
Abdii Limo Service, LLC Abdii Transportation Service 2221 View
 Able Movers LLC   3351 View
Abraham Limo Service, Inc. ALV 1090.2 View
Abraham Limo Service, Inc. ALV, Operated by Cown Limo, LLC 1104.3 View
Abraham Limo Service, Inc. ALV 2159 View
Access Towing and Transport, LLC   (7401)
Temporary Discontinuance until 3/9/20
Temporary Discontinuance until 3/9/20
Ace Towing, Inc.   Ace Towing 7261 View
Ace World Wide Moving and Storage Co Inc  Ace World Wide of Nevada 3251.3 View
Ace's Charter Transportation, Inc.    2246 View
Adam Transportation, LLC Lucky 7's 2226 View
Adventure Photo Tours Inc   Adventure Photo Tours, Kiss Limousines 1047.2 View
Adventure Towing, Co., Inc   7356 View
 Airline Shuttle LLC Airline Shuttle (2050.9)
Temporary Discontinuance until 02/29/2020
Temporary Discontinuance until 02/29/2020
Airport Mini Bus, a Series of Platinum LV Transporation, LLC Airport Mini Bus  2350.9 Tariff No. 1-A
Tariff No. 1-B
AKT, LLC AKT 2261 View
Aladdin Limousine Services, Inc. Tahoe Tours 2185  View
Alex Towing Inc    7265  View 
All City Towing & Recovery, LLC   7406  View
All My Sons Moving and Storage of Las Vegas Inc    3256.3   View
All Points Towing Inc     7053.1   View
All Resort Coach, Inc.  Lewis Stages  2147.1  View
 All Star Towing, LLC All Star Towing  7317 View
 All The Right Moves LLP All The Right Moves  3340.2 View
 All West Coachlines, Inc Coach USA 2113.2 View
 Allvalley, LLC Code Blue Towing  7323.1 View
Alpha Transportation, LLC   2230.1 View 
Alpine Auto Service, Inc. Alpine Towing 7070.2 View
Alsou Towing & Services, LLC   7421 View
Amador Stage Lines Inc    2025.1 View
American Auto Towing, Inc.  STS Towing  (7266) Temporary Discontinuance until 01/15/2020 Temporary Discontinuance until 01/15/2020
American Investment Enterprises Inc  AMR 1034.2 View
American Transportation Systems, Inc. American Transportation  2265.1 View
Anderson Towing Service Inc   Anderson Towing & Transport 7159 View
Andrade's Towing, LLC Andrade's Towing 7340.1 View
Annie Bananies Charters, Inc.   2214 View
 Annie Bananies Wild West Tours LLC Annie Bananie Las Vegas Tours 2083.4  View
 Anthony's Towing, LLC  Anthony's Towing 7239.2 View
Anytime Towing, LLC   7336 View
ARB Las Vegas, A Nevada Corporation  Las Vegas Towing   7289 View
Arkidian Towing Services, LLC   7351 View
Around the Clock Towing, LLC Around the Clock Towing Service 7240.1 View
Around Town Towing, LLC    7302 View 
Arrowhead Services, LLC   7352 View
 Ashley's Towing Inc Ashley's Towing  7220 View
ASP Inc Aaction Movers of Nevada Inc 3239 View
Aspen Moving Co LLC   3368  View
Astillita Productions, Inc. Acme Moving Co. 3362 View
Avila's Towing, LLC Avila's Towing 7297.1 View
AWG Ambassador, LLC Ambassador Limousine 1041.5 View
AWG Ambassador, LLC AWG Charter Services, Operated by Universal Limousine Services, LLC d/b/a ULS 1068.7 View
AWG Ambassador, LLC AWG Charter Services, AWG Motorcoach Services 2030.2 Charter

-- B --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
B & B Garner, Inc.   Atlas Towing and Recovery 7193.1 View
B & E, Inc.  SNAP Towing 7042.2 View
B & B Towing, LLC   7287 View 
Badly Scattered Land and Cattle Co. Medic Coach Service 2413.3 View
Barry E. Jones Carson Valley Movers 3066.2 View
Battleborn Restoration, LLC   3183.2 View
Baumbach Enterprises, LLC Milne Towing Services 8003.6 View
BB Express, LLC   (2241)
Temporary Discontinuance
until 2/22/20
Temporary Discontinuance
until 2/22/20
Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc. National Moving & Storage 3244 View
Bell Limo, a Series of Platinum LV Transportation, LLC Bell Limo 1217.3 View
Bell Trans, A Nevada Corporation Bell Trans

Bell Limousine
1023.2 Charter Limousine / Special Service

Airport Transfer

Charter Limousine   
Ben, LLC Luxurious 2213 View
Bentley Transportaton Services, LLC Executive Coach and Carriage, Executive Limousine 1072.2 View
Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc.   3156.2 View 
Black Wolf Moving Nevada, LLC Two Men and a Truck 3343.1 View
BLS Limousine Service of Las Vegas, Inc.   1070.2 View
Bosch Motors Towing, Inc.   7055.1 View
Bour Enterprises, LLC Stardust Transportation 1017.5 View
Busco, Inc. Arrow Stage Lines 2107 View

-- C --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
C & J Development Enterprises Custom Towing 7061 View
C T & T Transportation, LLC C T & T Transportation 1058.2 View
C.H. Destination, Inc. Canyon Coach Lines 2122.1 Charter Bus

Scenic Tours
C.H. Destination, Inc. CHD Limousine 1120 View
Cal-Neva Transport and Tow, Inc.   7187 View
Cal-Nevada Towing & Transport, Inc.   7129.1 View
Camila's Towing, LLC Camila's Towing 7311 View
Capital Towing, Inc.   7056.1 View
Carevans Medical Transport Services, LLC   1117.1 View
Carlomagno Aguirre-Sanchez Quick & Fair Towing 7298 View
Carney's Full Service Movers, Inc. Operated by Phoenix Movers, LLC Carneys Full Service Movers 3258.3 View
Carson City Towing, Inc.   7036.1 View
Celebrity Coaches, a Series of Platinum LV Transportation, LLC Celebrity Coaches 2105.1  View
CEL-JIM, Inc. Jim's Tire Factory 7031.2 View 
Century Towing, Inc.   7124.2 View
Cesar Escoffie Euan High Speed Towing 7355 View
Champion Movers, LLC Champion Movers 3337.3 View
Christian Enterprises, Inc. Pro Towing 7087.1 View
City 2 City Partnership City 2 City Roadside & Towing 7066.4 View
City Towing, Inc. Quality Towing 3069.4 View
Classic Tours, Inc. Classic Tours 2141  View 
Coach World, LLC   2260 View
Coleman World Group, LLC Coleman American Moving Services, Inc. 3237.1 View
Colombian Enterprises, LLC LV Bus Express 2180 View
Colonial Van and Storage, Inc.   3151.2 View
Commerce Auto Towing, Inc.   7293.1 View
Contract Towing, LLC Contract Towing 7422 View
Cosmo, Inc.   1107 View
Cosmo, Inc.   2075.1 View
CPO Enterprises, LLC Christopher Moving 3360.1 View
Cramer Automotive, Inc.   7089.1 View 
Custom Towing, Inc.   7057.2 View

-- D --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
D J Service, LLC Vegas First Class 2222 View
D & J VIP, LLC Triple Seven 777 Transport 2234.1 View
D & S Tow, Inc.   7045.3 View
Daniel Abraham, LLC LV Luxury Party Bus 2202 View
David Castillo David's Towing (7162.1)
Temporary Discontinuance until 2/28/20
Temporary Discontinuance until 2/28/20
Day & Night Towing, Inc.   7125.1 View
DB&T Towing   7413 View
DCT Express, Inc. DCT Express 6156 Not Applicable
De Boer Brothers, Inc. Big John's Towing 8001 View
Del Sur Transportation, LLC   2267 View
Dennis F. Marsh Denny's Automotive 7065 View
Dependable Tow, Inc.   7326 View
Desert Cab, Inc. Odyssey Limousine 1075.2 View
Desert Sky Transportation, Inc Desert Sky 6138.2 Not Applicable
Desert Towing, LLC   7116.2 View
Diamond Transportation, Inc   (2112)
Temporary Discontinuance until 10/04/19
Temporary Discontinuance until 10/04/19 
Discount Movers, Inc.   3338 View
Discover Lake Tahoe, Inc. Discover Lake Tahoe Tours 2175 View
DM Executive Services, Inc.   2130 View
Double D Transportation, LLC Double D Transportation 2227 View
Double Decker Bus Company of Las Vegas LLC Double Decker Bus Co. 2120 View
Durick Motorsports, LLC Durick Towing & Recovery 7411 View

-- E --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
Eagle Limo, LLC Eagle Limo 1110.1 View
Eagle Transportation, LLC Eagle Transportation 2150.1 View
Earth Buses, LLC Earth Buses 2128 View
Earth Limousines, LLC Earth Limos 1108 View
Easy Towing, LLC   7366 View
 Eddie, LLC Eddie Party Bus 2247 View
Edgar Perez, LLC Eddy's Towing 7392 View
Efren Sotelo Instant Towing 7305 View
El Mexicano Towing   7247.1 View
Elite Towing, LLC   7405 View
Elko, Inc. Coach USA 2121.2 View 
Elko Taxi Service, Inc.   1046.2 View
Eloisa Moran De Delgado 6 Angels Towing Service 7384 View
Erik McKissick Active Movers 3347 View
Esteban's Corporaton The Shop Towing 7107.4 View
Ewing Bros., Inc. Ewing Bros. Auto Body  3269.1 View
Ewing Bros., Inc. Walker Towing 7023.3 View
Executive Limousine Service, Inc., a Nevada corporation   1026 View
Executive Towing & Recovery, LLC Executive Towing & Recovery 7346.1 View
Exotic Transportation, Inc. Elite Transportation 2086.2 View
Expeditors by Lindale, Inc.   2243 View
Experience Transport Agency, LLC ETA 2229 View

-- F --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit   Tariff 
Fast Towing, Inc.   7161 View
Findlay Credit Acceptance, LLC 9-1-1 Towing and Impound 7330 View
Five Star Limo LLC Five Star Limo 1113.2  View
Five Star Limo LLC Five Star Limobus 2153 View
Five Star Towing & Transport, Inc.          7389.1 View

-- G --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
Garabet Maknissian Express Towing & Roadside Service 7256 View
GDT of Nevada, LLC Fallon Towing and Recovery 7101.2 View
Georgia Kissoon, Inc. Fix-N-Go Towing 7235 View
Glen S. Lee Glen's Mobile Repair 7126 View
GMS Towing, LLC   7409 View
GMTCARE, LLC   1115.2 View
Golden Transportation, LLC Golden Transportation 2236 View
Greyhound Lines, Inc.   2479.2 View

-- H --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
H.I.S. International Tours (NY), Inc. H.I.S. 6131.1 Not Applicable
Hanneman Service, LLC   3155.1 View
Hevle, LLC Las Vegas Transporters 2168.2 View
High Altitude Services, LLC Reno Tahoe Movers 3372 View
High Desert Towing & Recovery, LLC   7333 View
Highroller Transportation, LLC Highroller Transportation 2192 View
Hoag, LLC Amore' Transport 1141 View
Holiday Motor Coach, LLC   2193 View
HopSkipDrive, Inc.   TNC 0005 Not Applicable
Howard Stark, LLC Sin City Party Buses 2217 View
Humberto Urias Bulldog Towing 7319 View

-- I --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
IBS Transportation, LLC IBS Transportation 2206  View 
Idrisa Tikolo Mansary Tik's Quick Towing 7145 View
Ignacio Garijo Winnemucca Cab Company 1009 View
IGNI, LLC IGNI 2257 View
In-Cahoots Events, LLC Lil Pink Party Bus 2161 View
Indian Springs Towing, LLC Indian Springs Towing 3327.2 View
Infinity Towing, LLC   7372 View
Inside Vegas, LLC Disco Bus Las Vegas 2191.1 View
Integrity Taxi, LLC   1121 View
Israel Moran Garcia and Maribel Andres Cruz Max Towing 7318 View

-- J --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
J & R Quality Movers, LLC   3356 View
J and N Enterprises, LLC Silver State Towing of Northern Nevada 7183.1 View
Jacob Transportation Services, LLC Executive Las Vegas 1062.8 View
Jacob Transportation Services, LLC Executive Las Vegas 2127.1 View
Jambo Transporation, LLC Jambo Transportation Temporary Discontinuance until
Temporary Discontinuance until
James E. Tregellas and Linda L. Tregellas A-1 Auto Repair and Tow Service 8002 View
JC's Best Auto Repair, LLC JC's Best Auto Repair 7364 View
JMR and CLS Inc. Tri-State Towing & Recover 7141 View
Johnny's Express, Inc.   2181.1 View
Juan Castillo Castillo Towing 7271 View
Juliseb Holdings, LLC Epic Transportation 2235 View

-- K --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
Karo Transportation, LLC Crown Las Vegas 2177 View
Ken Lehman Enterprises, Inc. South Strip Towing, SST 7008.3 View
King of the Road, Inc. Van-2-School (2011.1)
Temporary Discontinued Service until 4/15/20 
Temporary Discontinued Service until 4/15/20 

-- L --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit  Tariff 
La Familia Towing, Inc.   7139 View
Larry R. and Johanna R. Richards Woody's Automotive & Towing 7088.1  View 
Las Vegas Beyond, LLC Las Vegas Beyond (2232)
Temporary Discontinuance until 4/27/2020
Temporary Discontinuance until 4/27/2020
Las Vegas Event Planners, LLC A-List Trans 2186.1 View
Las Vegas Fun Bus, LLC Las Vegas Fun Bus 2207 View
Las Vegas International Tour Services, Inc.   6150.1 Not Applicable
Las Vegas Limousines, LLC Las Vegas Limousines (2258.10)
Temporary Discontinuance until 02/29/2020
Temporary Discontinuance until 02/29/2020
Las Vegas Party Bus Rentals, Inc. Las Vegas Party Bus Rentals (2156.1)
Temporary Discontinuance until 1/3/2020
Temporary Discontinuance until 1/3/2020
Las Vegas Tranpsortation & Tours, LLC LVTT 2268 View
Las Vegas VIP Limousines, LLC VIP Limousines of Nevada 1103.1 View
Las Vegas Wedding Services, LLC   6141 Not Applicable
LD Tours, LLC   2103.2 View
Lewis Carriages, Inc. All Resort Limousine 1125 View
LifeTrans, Inc.   6153 Not Applicable
Limousines of LV Parking, LLC Nebada Limousine Service 6148 Not Applicable
Lostra Brothers Towing and Wreck Recovery Service, LLC   7146 View
LTS Transporation, Inc. Larry's Towing & Transport 7131 View
Lucky Limousine, LLC   1057.4 View
Lucky Trans, LLC   2078.4 View
Luis Figueroa Reno Towing Service 7236 View
Luxury Limousine of Las Vegas LLC   2248 View
LVAM, LLC   2200.1 View 
LV Quik Tow, LLC LV Quik Tow 7202.2 View 
Lyft, Inc.   TNC 0001.2 Not Applicable
Lynn R. Jackson Lynn's Auto Center 3290 View

-- M --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
M Transportation   2196 View
Madden Transportation, LLC   2205 View
Mai Niv Enterprises, Inc. ABC Towing, South West Auto Towing, Tow Guys, Kings Towing 7242.3 View
Mammoth Limousine, a Series of Platinum LV Transportation, LLC Mammoth Limousine, Metro Cars  1105.3 View
Maracas LLC El Maracas Towing 7382 View
Marin Bochis Northshore Towing 7314 View
Martha O. Hernandez Down on the Corner Towing 7345 View
Master Towing, Inc   7349  View
MDK Holdings, LLC Orion Towing (7334)
Temporary Discontinuance until 09/01/19
Temporary Discontinuance until 09/01/19
Medical Transport Co., LLC    1112.2 View
Medlife Transportation, LLC Medlife Transportation 1126.1 View
Mega Express, Inc.   2245 View
Mesquite Towing Company, LLC Mesquite Towing Company 7233 View
Metropolitan Towing Company, LLC Western States Towing 7357.1 View
Michael C. Costello Reno Tow & Transport 7315  View
Minden Taxi, LTD.   1067 View
MNM, LLC FT, Fabulous, Fabulous Transport, Fabulous Transportation, Fabulous Transportations 2224.1 View
Mojave Motors, Inc. Southwest Towing 7223 View
Monica Miranda Star Transportation 2181 View
Mort's Auto Body, Inc.   7138.2 View
Motodudes, Inc. Red Rock Magical Mystery Tour, Magical Mystery Tours, The Desert Duck, Red Rock Scooter Tours, Red Rock Discovery Tours 1137 View
Move 4 Less, LLC Move 4 Less, MoveU4Less.com, Select Flat Rate Moving 3344.6  View
My Auto Service, LLC My Auto Service 7295 View
My Ride To Work, LLC My Ride To Work 6154.1 N/A

-- N --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit   Tariff 
Nahoom, LLC Anytime Party Bus 2194 View
National Transportation Services, Inc. NTS 1081.1 View
National Transportation Services, Inc. National Transportation Services, NTS 2092 View
Nevada Busing, LLC   2233 View
Nevada Coaches, LLC Showtime Tours 2044.4 View
Nevada Movers Express, Inc. Family Movers Express 3259 View
Nevada North American, Inc. Capital North American 3250.2 View
 Nevada Relocation Services, LLC   3367 VIEW
Nevada Towing, Inc.   7204 View
New Charters Nevada, Inc.   2110 View
New York Minuteman, Inc. Minuteman Towing 7135.3 View
None Stop Towing Inc.   7383 View
 Norma Angelica Farias  Las Vegas Eagles Towing 7390 View
North Side Towing, LLC Code Red Towing 7350 View
NV Cars, LLC NV Cars 7393 View
NV Transportation, LLC Rockstar Transportation 2253 View

-- O --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit   Tariff 
Oasis Moving & Storage, Inc.   (3349)
Temporary Discontinuance until 7/20/19
Temporary Discontinuance until 7/20/19
O'Brien's Moving and Storage, Inc.   1070.741 View
OLM Towing, LLC Olmstead Towing 7269 View
Omega Air Conditioning, Inc. Shaun's Towing 7232 View
Omega Auto Repair, Inc. E.R.J Towing 7373 View
Omni Limousine, Inc.   1084.5 View
Omni Limousine, Inc.   2076.1 View
On Demand Sedan Services, Inc. AAA ODS Limousine, ODS Limousine, ODS Chauffeured Transportation, On Demand Sedan & Limousine 1040.4 View
On Demand Sedan Services, Inc.  AAA ODS Limousine, ODS Limousine, ODS Chauffeured Transportation, On Demand Sedan & Limousine 2063.1 View
Open Top Sightseeing Las Vegas, LLC Big Bus Tours 2004.12 View
Owens Brothers Transfer Company   3047.4 View

-- P --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit   Tariff 
Pacific Towing Service, LLC Pacific Towing Service 7237.1  View
Paul M. Sprada AA Buffalo One Towing 7185.1 View
PCCU, Inc. Patricks Construction Clean Up 7292.2 View
PDQ Towing, LLC   7278 View
Perlman Enterprises, LLC Reno Tahoe Limousine 1101.2 View
Perlman Enterprises, LLC Reno Tahoe Transportation 2134.1 View
Personal Sedan Service, LLC PSS 1080.1 View
Personal Sedan Service, LLC PSS 2190 View
Phenomenal Towing, LLC Phenomenal Towing 7371 View
Pink Jeep Tours of Las Vegas, Inc. Pink Jeep Tours, Operated by Pink Jeep Tours Nevada, Inc. 1078.2 View
Planell Towing Corporation   7362 View
Platinum LV Transportation, a Series of Platinum LV Transportation, LLC Platinum LV Transportation (2166.1)
Temporary Discontinuance until 2/16/20
Temporary Discontinuance until 2/16/20
Portofino Tours Service, Inc. SEEUSATOURS 6142.1 Not Applicable
Power Wheels Towing, LLC Power Wheels Towing 7396 View
Powers LLC The Best Elvis in Las Vegas 1133 View
Presidential Limousine   1007.6 View
Presidential Limousine   2119.2 View
Prestige Transportation, LLC Prestige Transportation 2211 View
Priority Towing, LLC   7388 View
Professional Hookers Towing & Transport LLC   (7386)
Temporary Discontinuance until 02/13/2020
Temporary Discontinuance until 02/13/2020
ProTour and Travel Services, LLC   2244 View

-- Q --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit   Tariff 

-- R --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
R & R Transportation, LLC R & R Transportation, LLC 2264 View
R.A. Moving, LLC Two Men And A Truck of Reno, Nevada 3373 View
R.B. Head, Inc.
Head Limo 1097 View
Rafael Godinez R.G. Towing 7174 View
Raine Family Towing-Roadrunner, Inc. Raine Family Towing Roadrunner 7300 View
Rasier, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Uber Technologies, Inc.        TNC 0002 Not Applicable
Red Carpet Moving, Inc. Red Carpet Moving 3339 View
Red Carpet VIP Transportation, LLC ALS VIP (2209) Temporary Discontinuance until 01/15/2020 Temporary Discontinuance until 01/15/2020
Reno Cab Company, Inc. Reno-Sparks Cab Company 1025.1 View
Richard Davidson Ricks Mr. Tow 7168 View
Ridetothehills, LLC   1139 View
 Ring Tours & Travel Company, Inc.  Ring Tours & Travel Company 2255 View
Rizo Towing, LLC               7380 View
Roadside Rescue Towing Service, Inc. Roadside Rescue 7252.1 View
Roadway Company Roadway Towing and Recovery 7128 View
Rosa Castaneda Economy Towing 7277 View
Rowdy Industries, LLC Nevada Party bus 2146.1 View
Roy L. Street Capitol Cab Company 2445.4 View
Roy Testa Welcome's Auto Body Towing 7017.3 View
Royal Coach Tours, Inc.  Royal Coach Tours 2141.1 View
Royalty Towing, LLC Royalty Towing 7303 View

-- S --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
Safeco Parking & Transportation Services, LLC   6155.1 N/A
Seiji, LLC Seiji Limousine 1111.4 View
SEM Enterprises, LLC City Auto Towing 7117.3 View
Shaul Marketing, Inc. Triple 7 Movers 3350.3 View
Silver Dollar Transportation, LLC   2220 View
Silver State Limousine Service, LLC Silver Limo 1129.2 View 
Sin City Luxury Charters, LLC Sin City Luxury Charters 2160 View 
Skyline Moving Service, LLC Skyline Moving Service 3374 View
Slater Transfer and Storage, Inc.   3255.2 View
Smitty Movers, LLC   3354 View
SOS Towing, LLC SOS Towing 7348 View
Spooner Lake, Inc. Flume Trail Bikes 1135 View
St George Executive Shuttle, LLC   1130 View
Starlight Limousine, Inc. Entourage Transportation, Entourage 2158.5 View
Start Express Transportation, LLC   2208   View
Stephen B. Perry Salt Flats Towing 7312 View
Strip Key Limo, LLC        2237 View
Strip Limousine Services, LLC Strip Limo, SLS, Operated by Strip Limo, LLC 1131.1 View
Stu's Motorcycle Towing, LLC   7344 View
Sunrise Plaza Transportation of Nevada, Inc. Lassen Tours 2028.3 View
Sunrise Towing, Inc.   7049.2 View
Sunshine Travel, Inc.   2144.1 View
SuperShuttle Las Vegas, LLC   1089.3 View 
SuperShuttle Las Vegas, LLC   2055.3 View 
SW Excursion & Educational Tours, Inc. Sweetours 2137 View

-- T --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
T1 Transportation, Inc.   2016.4 View
T1 Transportation, Inc.   2115.2 View
Tango Car LLC Tango Car and/or Tango TNC 0004 Not Applicable 
Taylor Towing, LLC   7403 View
TC Nevada, LLC TLC Luxury Transportation 2201.1  View
The Little Guys, LLC Tow Pros 7294 View
The Town Diesel Mechanic Truck and Auto, LLC The Town Diesel Heavy Towing 7394 View
Thriftee Tow, Inc.   7047 View
Tilted Tours, LLC   1140 View
Toana Taxi, LLC   1082.2 View
Top Limo Las Vegas, LLC Top Limo Las Vegas, Operated by City Limo, LLC 1118.2 View
Towing Near Me, LLC Towing Near Me (7385.1) Temporary Discontinuance until 02/01/2020 Temporary Discontinuance until 02/01/2020
Towing Solutions of Las Vegas, LLC Towing Solutions of Las Vegas 7310 View
Treasure Tours of Nevada, Inc. Treasure Tours of Nevada 1066.2 View
Trimont Land Company, Inc. Northstar at Tahoe Resort 2140.1 View
Triple J Tours, Inc.   2032.1 View
TS Limousine, LLC TS Party Bus 2254 View

-- U --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
U.S. Party Bus, LLC U.S. Party Bus 2218 View
Ultra Tow, LLC Ultra Tow 7397 View
Umbrella Enterprises, LLC Umbrella Movers 3364 View
United Moving Solutions, Inc United Moving Solutions 3371 View
Universal Limousine Services, LLC ULS 1132 View
Upscale Limousines, LLC Upscale Party Bus 2259 View
USA Towing, Inc.   7273.2 View
Uthiopa, LLC Winner Transportation 2151.2 View 
UZURV Holdings, Inc. UZURV TNC 0006 Not Applicable

-- V --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
V Transporation, LLC Vegas Transportation 2142.2 View
Valencia's Towing, LLC   7213 View
VBNZ Limo, LLC   2225 View
Vegas Black Car, LLC VBC 2256 View
Vegas Heavy Haul, Inc. Big Valley Towing 7238.2 View
Vegas Limo Coach, LLC Vegas Limo Coach (2171)
Temporary Discontinuance until 2/1/20
Temporary Discontinuance until 2/1/20
Vegas Strip Partybus, LLC Vegas Strip Partybus 2270 View
Vegas Strip Transportation, LLC Vegas Strip Transportation 2143 View
Vegas Tows, LLC     (7249)
Temporary Discontinuance until 4/6/20
Temporary Discontinuance until 4/6/20
Vegas Valley Towing, LLC   7192.5 View
Vegas VIP Limousine, LLC Vegas VIP Limousine 1109.1 View
Vegas VIP Transportation, LLC Vegas VIP Transportation  2157.1 View
Vegas VIP Transportation, LLC Vegas VIP Limousine 1095.1 View
Victory Towing, LLC   7398 View
VIP Transportation of Nevada, LLC   2154 View
VIP Vegas Limousines, LLC All Time Limo 1124.2 View
Viper Towing LLC   7419 View
Virginia City Tours, Inc.   2251.2 View
VLS, LLC (LIMO) Vegas Limousine Service, Vegas Royalty Limos, Stardust Transportation Operated by Bour Enterprises, LLC  1059.11 View 
VLS, LLC Vegas Limousine Service, Vegas Royalty Limos, Stardust Transportation Operated by Bour Enterprises, LLC 2149.6 View
Voss Automotive Group, LLC Rush In Towing (7221.2) Temporary Discontinuance until 01/01/2020 Temporary Discontinuance until 01/12/2020

-- W --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
Warren Ardoin Warren's Homework 3246 View
We Move Las Vegas, LLC We Move Las Vegas 3369 View
Wellness Transport, LLC   6152 Not Applicable
Western Limousine Service, LLC Western Limousine Service 1054.3 View
Western Trails Charters & Tours, LLC St. George Express, Salt Lake Express 2238 View
Whittelsea Checker Taxi, a Series of Platinum LV Transporation, LLC Whittlesea Checker Taxi 2118.5 View
Windstar Lines Inc.   2114.1 View
World Crawl Transportation, LLC   2204 View

-- X --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
XYZ Towing, Inc. Titan Towing 7257.2 View

-- Y --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
Yellow Cab of Reno, Inc. Star Taxi, Deluxe Taxi, and Yellow Cab 1014.2 View

-- Z --

 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
Zamora Towing LLC   7407 View
 Zane Investigations, Inc.  A2Z Tow & Transport 7377 Tariff-North