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The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) chapter 706 and the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) chapter 706 pertain to the regulation of Motor Carriers.


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Proposed Emergency Regulation Brief Description of Action: The Authority will consider whether to adopt on an emergency basis pursuant to NRS 233B.0613 an amendment to NAC 706.3745.  A recent court order has created uncertainty regarding the enforceability of the taxicab service life limitations set forth in NRS 706.88345.  While alternative service life limitations are set forth in NAC 706.3745, that section includes the outdated county population range of 100,000 to 400,000, rather than the updated range of 100,000 to 700,000 necessary for continued applicability to Washoe County.  The proposed amendment would update the population range to avoid the potential for unregulated taxicab service life within Washoe County.  The Authority will consider whether inaction would impair the health and safety of the public and, if so, will consider adopting the emergency regulation. 

Newly Adopted Regulation - R012-12 Brief Description of Action: Relating to motor carriers: revising provisions governing the method by which certain fees and fines are paid to the Nevada Transportation Authority; removing providers of air transport service from the requirement to hold up or display a sign while on duty at a passenger curb loading zone; revising provisions concerning medical certificates for drivers of traditional or livery limousines and drivers of certain taxicabs; repealing provisions governing the lease of motorized equipment and vehicles by motor carriers; repealing a provision requiring certain buses to have certain signage attached to the front of the bus; repealing certain provisions governing the time schedules of motor carriers; repealing various other provisions governing motor carriers; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Newly Adopted Regulation - R111-10 Brief description of action: Relating to motor carriers; establishing the rate for a fuel surcharge charged and collected by carriers authorized to provide charter service by limousine; providing that the Nevada Transportation Authority will deem a driver of a taxicab to be on duty under certain circumstances; defining the circumstances under which purchasers or brokers of certain transportation services who resell those services are providing charter service by bus; prohibiting certain motor carriers from allowing certain persons to drive a limousine under certain circumstances; removing a federal regulation prohibiting alcohol possession by certain motor carriers and drivers from regulations enforced by the Authority; revising provisions concerning the commission or referral fee paid by carriers that provide scenic tours to agents who arrange for the provision of scenic tours; revising provisions governing certain taxicab

Newly Adopted Regulation - R112-10 Brief description of action:  Relating to operators of tow cars; requiring operators of tow cars to use a model tariff adopted by the Nevada Transportation Authority for nonconsensual tows; allowing operators of tow cars to discount rates under certain circumstances; revising provisions concerning access to stored vehicles by the owners of such vehicles and their agents; revising provisions concerning the information which must be included on a bill for a nonconsensual tow; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Newly Adopted Regulation - R113-10 Brief description of action: Relating to motor carriers; amending provisions relating to applications to change the tariffs or contracts of certain carriers; requiring certain carriers to submit to the Nevada Transportation Authority a copy of certain vehicle inspection reports; amending provisions concerning changes of which carriers must notify the Authority; amending provisions relating to the lease of replacement equipment when certain equipment is taken out of service; amending provisions relating to the contracts of contract motor carriers; amending provisions relating to administrative proceedings before the Authority or a presiding officer; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Newly Adopted Regulation - R127-07  Brief description of action: Relating to motor carriers; requiring common motor carriers of passengers and their employees to remain with vehicles which are parked in passenger curb loading zones; setting forth application requirements for subsequent contracts by contract motor carriers; reducing the amount of time that driver vehicle inspection reports and related records are required to be maintained; authorizing the Chairman of the Nevada Transportation Authority or his designee to grant a waiver for the lease of certain vehicles which do not meet certain requirements for leasing; requiring certain drivers to hold certain signs while in a passenger curb loading zone; broadening the operating authority under special services to include providing service for a special purpose as approved by the Authority; requiring certain employees of the Nevada Transportation Authority to be trained in certain federal safety regulations; requiring parties of record in proceedings before the Taxicab Authority to file a statement of intent to participate in appeals; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Newly Adopted Regulation - R075-08  Brief description of action: Relating to tow cars; requiring specific request or a written authorization for a nonconsensual tow; establishing the requirements for specific requests and written authorizations to tow a vehicle; revising the information to be included on bills for towing; revising the notice requirements for tows; revising certain restrictions on solicitation of business by an operator or a tow car; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 706 

Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 706

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations CFR Title 49

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