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 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
Safeco Parking & Transportation Services, LLC   6155 N/A
Seiji, LLC Seiji Limousine 1111.4 View
SEM Enterprises, LLC City Auto Towing 7117.3 View
Shaul Marketing, Inc. Triple 7 Movers 3350.3 View
Sierra Moving Systems   3238.1 View
Silver Dollar Transportation, LLC   2220 View
Silver State Coach, Inc. Silver State Trailways 2109.1 View
Silver State Limousine Service, LLC Silver Limo 1129.1 View
Sin City Luxury Charters, LLC Sin City Luxury Charters 2160 View
Slater Transfer and Storage, Inc.   3255.2 View
Smitty Movers, LLC   3354 View
SOS Towing, LLC SOS Towing 7348 View
Southern Nevada Movers, Inc.   3152.1 View
Sovereign Entities, Inc. Aquarius Towing 7296 Las Vegas
Speedy Recovery, Inc. SRI 7285 View
St George Executive Shuttle, LLC   1130 View
Starlight Limousine, Inc. Entourage Transportation, Entourage 2158.4 View
Start Express Transportation, LLC   2208   View
Stephen B. Perry Salt Flats Towing 7312 View
Strip Key Limo, LLC        2237 View
Strip Limousine Services, LLC Strip Limo, SLS, Operated by Strip Limo, LLC 1131.1 View
StrongArm LLC King Transportation 2251 View
Stu's Motorcycle Towing, LLC   7344 View
Sunrise Plaza Transportation of Nevada, Inc. Lassen Tours 2028.2 View
Sunrise Towing, Inc.   7049.1 View
Sunshine Taxi, Inc. a Nevada Corporation Sunshine Taxi 1006 View
Sunshine Travel, Inc.   2144.1 View
SuperShuttle Las Vegas, LLC   1089.3 View 
SuperShuttle Las Vegas, LLC   2055.3 View 
SW Excursion & Educational Tours, Inc. Sweetours 2137 View