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 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
R.B. Head, Inc. Head Limo 1097 View
Rafael Godinez R.G. Towing 7174 View
Raine Family Towing-Roadrunner, Inc. Raine Family Towing Roadrunner 7300 View
RARKAR, LLC   2203 View
Rasier, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Uber Technologies, Inc.        TNC 0002 Not Applicable
Red Carpet Moving, Inc. Red Carpet Moving 3339 View
Reno Cab Company, Inc. Reno-Sparks Cab Company 1025.1 View
Reno Tahoe Charters, LLC Reno Tahoe Party Bus 2138 View
Richard Davidson Ricks Mr. Tow 7168 View
Roadway Company Roadway Towing and Recovery 7128 View
Robert Van Camp and Mikki Van Camp Van Camp Towing & Road Service 7158 View
Ronald M. Perlman Reno Tahoe Limousine 1101.1 View
Ronald M. Perlman Reno Tahoe Transportation 2134 View
Rosa Castaneda Economy Towing 7277 View
Rowdy Industries, LLC Nevada Party bus 2146.1 View
Roy L. Street Capitol Cab Company 2445.4 View
Roy Testa Welcome's Auto Body Towing 7017.3 View
Royalty Towing, LLC Royalty Towing 7303 View
R&P Commercial Truck Repair, Inc.      Royal Towing 7360 View
Ryan's Express Transportation, Inc. Ryan's Express 3240.2 View