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 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit   Tariff 
Pacific Towing Service, LLC Pacific Towing Service 7237.1  View
Paul M. Sprada AA Buffalo One Towing 7185.1 View
PCCU, Inc. Patricks Construction Clean Up 7292.2 View
PDQ Towing, LLC   7278 View
Perlman Enterprises, LLC Reno Tahoe Limousine 1101.2 View
Perlman Enterprises, LLC Reno Tahoe Transportation 2134.1 View
Personal Sedan Service, LLC PSS 1080.1 View
Personal Sedan Service, LLC PSS 2190 View
Phenomenal Towing, LLC Phenomenal Towing 7371 View
Pink Jeep Tours of Las Vegas, Inc. Pink Jeep Tours, Operated by Pink Jeep Tours Nevada, Inc. 1078.2 View
Planell Towing Corporation   7362 View
Portofino Tours Service, Inc. SEEUSATOURS 6142.1 Not Applicable
Power Wheels Towing, LLC Power Wheels Towing 7396 View
Powers LLC The Best Elvis in Las Vegas 1133 View
Presidential Limousine   1007.6 View
Presidential Limousine   2119.2 View
Prestige Transportation, LLC Prestige Transportation 2211 View
Priority Towing, LLC   7388 View
Professional Hookers Towing & Transport LLC   (7386)
Temporary Discontinuance until 08/13/19
Temporary Discontinuance until 08/13/19
ProTour and Travel Services, LLC   2244 View
Puliz Moving and Storage Company, Inc.   3134 View