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 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit  Tariff 
La Familia Towing, Inc.   7139 View
Larry R. and Johanna R. Richards Woody's Automotive & Towing 7088.1  View 
Las Vegas Beyond, LLC Las Vegas Beyond (2232)
Temporary Discontinuance until 4/27/2020
Temporary Discontinuance until 4/27/2020
Las Vegas Event Planners, LLC A-List Trans 2186.1 View
Las Vegas Fun Bus, LLC Las Vegas Fun Bus 2207 View
Las Vegas International Tour Services, Inc.   6150.1 Not Applicable
Las Vegas Limousines, LLC Las Vegas Limousines (2258.10)
Temporary Discontinuance until 02/29/2020
Temporary Discontinuance until 02/29/2020
Las Vegas Party Bus Rentals, Inc. Las Vegas Party Bus Rentals (2156.1)
Temporary Discontinuance until 1/3/2020
Temporary Discontinuance until 1/3/2020
Las Vegas Tranpsortation & Tours, LLC LVTT 2268 View
Las Vegas VIP Limousines, LLC VIP Limousines of Nevada 1103.1 View
Las Vegas Wedding Services, LLC   6141 Not Applicable
LD Tours, LLC   2103.2 View
Lewis Carriages, Inc. All Resort Limousine 1125 View
LifeTrans, Inc.   6153 Not Applicable
Limousines of LV Parking, LLC Nebada Limousine Service 6148 Not Applicable
Lostra Brothers Towing and Wreck Recovery Service, LLC   7146 View
LTS Transporation, Inc. Larry's Towing & Transport 7131 View
Lucky Limousine, LLC   1057.4 View
Lucky Trans, LLC   2078.4 View
Luis Figueroa Reno Towing Service 7236 View
Luxury Limousine of Las Vegas LLC   2248 View
LVAM, LLC   2200.1 View 
LV Quik Tow, LLC LV Quik Tow 7202.2 View 
Lyft, Inc.   TNC 0001.2 Not Applicable
Lynn R. Jackson Lynn's Auto Center 3290 View