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 Corporate Name DBA  CPCN /Permit Tariff 
C & J Development Enterprises Custom Towing 7061 View
C T & T Transportation, LLC C T & T Transportation 1058.2 View
C.H. Destination, Inc. Canyon Coach Lines 2122.1 Charter Bus

Scenic Tours
C.H. Destination, Inc. CHD Limousine 1120 View
Cal-Neva Transport and Tow, Inc.   7187 View
Cal-Nevada Towing & Transport, Inc.   7129.1 View
Camila's Towing, LLC Camila's Towing 7311 View
Capital Towing, Inc.   7056.1 View
Carevans Medical Transport Services, LLC   1117.1 View
Carlomagno Aguirre-Sanchez Quick & Fair Towing 7298 View
Carney's Full Service Movers, Inc. Operated by Phoenix Movers, LLC Carneys Full Service Movers 3258.3 View
Carson City Towing, Inc.   7036.1 View
Celebrity Coaches, a Series of Platinum LV Transportation, LLC Celebrity Coaches 2105.1  View
CEL-JIM, Inc. Jim's Tire Factory 7031.2 View 
Century Towing, Inc.   7124.2 View
Cesar Escoffie Euan High Speed Towing 7355 View
Champion Movers, LLC Champion Movers 3337.3 View
Christian Enterprises, Inc. Pro Towing 7087.1 View
City 2 City Partnership City 2 City Roadside & Towing 7066.4 View
City Towing, Inc. Quality Towing 3069.4 View
Classic Tours, Inc. Classic Tours 2141  View 
Coach World, LLC   2260 View
Coleman World Group, LLC Coleman American Moving Services, Inc. 3237.1 View
Colombian Enterprises, LLC LV Bus Express 2180 View
Colonial Van and Storage, Inc.   3151.2 View
Commerce Auto Towing, Inc.   7293.1 View
Contract Towing, LLC Contract Towing 7422 View
Cosmo, Inc.   1107 View
Cosmo, Inc.   2075.1 View
CPO Enterprises, LLC Christopher Moving 3360.1 View
Cramer Automotive, Inc.   7089.1 View 
Custom Towing, Inc.   7057.2 View